Headphone sound comes from only one side :/

Hello there!
I am having an issue with my with sound coming from only left side when i plug in my headphone in rear input. I have tried some other headphones and they worked properly. And i also tried it in the front inputs and it worked as well. I have realtek audio driver. I dont know where it came from and it was working half an hour ago :/
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  1. If a different set of headphones don't have that problem there's nothing wrong with your computer or Windows sound settings. The problem lies elsewhere and it has to be the headphones or the headphones cable which may have a broken wire inside it which carries sound to the right-hand speaker of the headphones.

    Also check to see if the headphones have a built-in balance control which isn't set to the central position.

    Whatever the cause, it's definitely something to do with headphones (faulty headphones, or broken wire, or it's balance control (if it has one) not in the central position.
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