Need help choosing the right UPS.

I am looking for a UPS that would keep my TV(Samsung 32" LED @ 155W) up for 40-60 minutes and perhaps give me few minutes to shut down my pc(XFX 550w bronze edition power supply). I was looking at something like this:

According to amazon it comes with 2x batteries(12V 9Ah) but i really fail to understand how long will this thing run under 200w load or with my 550w pc, i dont even know what is my PSU VA as they said on their site that 300 VA pc will run for about 8 minutes. I would love some assistance here.
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  1. Any decent UPS will be able to provide a couple minutes to power down the XFX as well as the 32 inch samsung TV. I had an energizer UPS that kept a 19 inch CRT and my dell dimension 4600 up for 30 seconds for me to power down however it still had 5 more minutes of power.

    The primary issue is the 40-60 minutes on the 32 inch samsung LED. Anything that can provide power for that long will be an industrial solution and will cost A LOT of money due to battery requirements for maintaining high and stable power for a long period of time.

    The best method for keeping Samsung 32 inch running for more than 40 minutes would be a generator powered by gasoline. I hope you are running the TV during the day out of necessity
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    extrapolating from 300VA and 7AH lasting 8 minutes then the TV at 200VA with a 9AH battery would last about 18 minutes then you would need something like a 20AH battery to last 40 minutes.
    Now as Pondering says most domestic type UPS units are not designed to run that long even if you upgrade the battery by that amount and you would need a much more expensive server type UPS.
  3. Well the vendor told me that this one would stay up for 45-60 mins under 300w load and on the website of the Infosek UPS they said up time from 8-40 mins for the 1200W unit.

    I just wanna know if there is any model that comes with a battery to run at least just the tv for an hour or more?
  4. TVs are completely different. I am not sure about the specific numbers but the TV would run for only 8 minutes or less on that 1200 W unit by itself. The 8 minutes would be a generous estimate for the XFX 550 running on the 300W model on its own.

    Most household UPS last 5 minutes for running the OS and a word processing program. Watching a video or gaming would probably lower the time till power off to 1 minute.
  5. Are you sure? because my uncle has a 400w UPS that runs a bigger tv than mine for 26 minutes. According to Samsung website my TV model runs at 155w(maximum).
  6. The length of time a UPS runs is governed by the AH(Ampere Hour) rating of the installed battery,while the VA or Watt rating is the maximum power that the UPS will handle.
    The amps consumed will be on the 12V line so a 160 W load would draw 13A plus the inefficiencies of the circuitry so say 15A so you would need a 15AH battery to run the TV for 1 hour but the UPS would shut down before the battery was totally flat so in practice you would need a 200 Watt UPS with a 20AH battery to run the TV for 1 Hour.
  7. You could just buy the same UPS that he has....
  8. I honestly barely understand any of those numbers to argue with you guys but the calculation showed by makkem seemed logical to me, it would keep the TV for around 20-25 mins although he said 18 but i checked my exact TV Model UA32EH5000 and on the back of it it states that the power consumption is 66w the model i previously checked on Samsung website was a smart tv so i guess it consumes more power. So considering he said 18 minutes under 200 VA load which could possibly be longer under less load and considering the model i showed you works with 2x 9aH batteries so that's double the duration i think and excuse my ignorance that this could actually be able to run for 40-60 minutes.

    I called Radioshack and they mentioned that they have a Legrand Niky S 1500 model that also works with 2x 9aH batteries and that it keeps their store computers for 1h and 15 mins(probably exaggerating a bit lol) so i am really tempted to try one of those.
  9. Yeah a UPS with 2 x 9AH hour batteries and a power consumption of 66W should keep the TV running for something just under 2 Hours.
  10. I can't really determine the exact wattage of my TV, on the official website they wrote nothing but under 0.3w when standby and on another website that sells this model they said maximum consumption is 155w, however on the sticker at the back of my tv that has the model info 66w is written. So i am guesing i should expect somewhere between 40-60 minutes.

    Thanks for the help, i will be getting the Legrand one :).
  11. I can confirm the UPS stayed up for the full hour of power outage(so i couldn't even get to test how long it will last as the power came back on before the battery ran out), it stayed up for 1 hour and 5 minutes with a 32 inch samsung LED and a router, and a humax HD receiver. From what i understood LEDs consumes much less power than regular LCDs because i checked the back of my tv and it said 62w compared to the other 40 inch samsund lcd my father got which has 180w written on the back of it.
  12. Yeah I think at that wattage you will be looking at something in the 2 hour range.
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