Evga Gtx 770 superclocked not running properly

I've recently upgraded from a Radeon 7790 to a Gtx 770, I've uninstalled the amd drivers and used driver sweeper to make sure nothing was left over and have the latest driver for the gtx 770 (335.23) when i go into games i get a very low frame rate considering the card i have. Ex in league of legends i can only get 50 fps on the very low setting.
my set up is:

i5-4670k @ 3.40 ghz
8 GB ram
and the Asus Z87-A Motherboard
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    Could be throttling due to high temps. Try EVGA PrecisionX to monitor temps and clock and adjust fan settings.
  2. The temps are fairly low, when I run league of legends it stays at 30 degrees and in game is says it's running at 20% but jumps to 55% sometimes. Fps is still in the 30 range
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