System Crashes after logging in

When I turn on my computer it all works fine, but if I lock my computer and then come back about 5 or more minutes later, when I logon it starts like opening random programs, and it just goes nuts opening a bunch of programs. To fix it tried going into the event viewer, but nothing seems to work from what I'm doing and I need some more help.
Anything you can say will really help me out, this is driving me crazy.



System Specs:
These are basically the specs
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    you could be infected with a virus a would do a full scan without network plug in and als use malwarebyte to scan spyware software with ccleaner .
  2. Well I used both of those programs. It didn't find any spyware/malaware or viruses or anything. I did use CCleaner to delete files and clean the registry, and it actually seems to all be working well.
    Hopefully it should stay good.
    Thanks for your help,
  3. your welcome keep those sotfware handy there are usefull .
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