New at this. Is this a good build for the money? Do I need a case fan or fan controller? OC or not?

Hey everybody,

So I am planning on building my first computer, it's going to be a gaming pc.
This is what I am thinking of so far:
I would really appreciate some suggestions or answers/tips on the following questions:
1. Do I need an overclocked cpu for gaming? What are the risks and effects of doing so?
2. Do I need a case fan or a fan controller? Is it handy to put it in your pc just for an extra 30 dollars?
3. I'm building it my own, do I need some help from proffesionals?

I've already overreached my budget with this build so please try to stick under it or if it's a must a little above it. Again, I would love some suggestions for other parts instead of the ones I chose.

Thanks guys!
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    Wow. You're in for a real fun building experience. All good stuff. I don't see anything you need to add. The case will come with enough fans to cool everything nicely.
    1) No, you don't need to. But you'll probably want to just for the fun of it. The unlocked multiplier will make it easy.
    2) I doubt you'll want or need to add anymore fans. That case is well designed with good airflow as it comes. Generally, more fans = more noise.
    3) If you've never built before, check out some online "how to's" for building. Here's a place to start:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    If you run into any snags, relax and come back here to Tom's.
    Before you go to install Win8 on the new SSD, read up on this article/tutorial. It will ensure that you get the most performance from the SSD and that it doesn't write itself to an early death. There's a few things about an OS installation to a SSD that can be different from a HDD.
  2. You don't need 16gb of ram...but it can't hurt I guess
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