Did I damage the mobo or processor?

I mistakenly ordered a power supply with only a 4 pin p4 atx processor power connecter for a mother board (asrock fm2/fm2+ pro4+) so instead of waiting for an adapter to ship I decided to make my own so i made a molex to P4 adapter except i used the red wire as one of the yellow wires and pluged it and the p4 in there. When I pressed the power button and all that happened was a small twitch of the psu fan and then I realized my mistake and removed the red wire and but the yellows together and tried again. This time it spun up but did 5 short beeps indicating process failure but then I realized that the 8 pin needs to be 12v and by using 2 rails I was in 24v. Now I am waiting on an adepter to ship and hoping that I didn't break it. What are my odds?
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  1. wait for the 8 pins hope you did not short anything and that the psu still good with the motherboard also you will find only when the system will be complete .
  2. Lets say I get the adapter and I am still geting 5 short beeps. (The manual says a 4 pin adapter will work) what part should I get a replacement for?
  3. what the user manual of the mobo tell you about those beep code it could be memory or cpu evebnthe board .
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    That would be the processor. Well I'll let you all know what happens. I was hoping for some reassurance or at least someone saying "yep its fried" lol. Anyone know anything about the board's ability to protect the processor upon the detection of incorrect power input?
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