Hi guys i want to run two sata hard drives in my pc is there anything i need to purchase e.g cables and how do i do it

This is my system
Motherboard: Asus M5a 78L-Mlx
Cpu: Amd phenom x4 be 965
Ram: 2X4gb
GPU: Evga gtx 650 2gb
Storage: Seagate 500gb sata 7200 rpm
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  1. All you should need is another SATA data cable.

    Plug it in and power up.
  2. So my motherboard has a second sata cable slot
  3. Your motherboard has 6 sata II slots. Also you will need one power cable for sata HDD from PSU (often one cable can support multiple HDD so you may have one cable with multiple sata power connectors).

    You should have 2 sata data cables bundled with motherboard. Unless you used both (for example 1 hdd + 1 odd or ssd) you should have it somewhere. If no you just need to buy new one.
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