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I came out of sleep mode a few days ago and there was no signal to my monitor. Monitor and HDMI cable are fine so i used a DVI cable straight from the motherboard, which worked. At this point I assumed that there was something wrong with my video card but when i got into windows, windows said it wasnt a genuine copy. At this point i thought maybe it was a virus even though i have Kaspersky so i did a fresh install of windows 7 and then attempted to reinstall my video drivers but that was difficult because windows kept crashing. Finally get the video drivers up and windows does not recognize that the card is there. The fan on the video card was running so i knew it was getting power. At this point i moved the video card to the other slot and it worked, However, now i cant be in windows for more than a few minutes, if that, before it crashes, or more accurately, completely freezes. I have tested the ram with memtest and also tested the hard drive and the video card seems to work fine in the other slot, so I am wondering if this is definitely the motherboard failing. I took the whole computer apart and cleaned it and put it back together thinking there could be a piece of metal somewhere shorting it or too much dust buildup but when i put it all back together and booted up, once again the video card didnt work in the first slot and windows crashed almost immediately. All my components are 2 years old and have never had any problems.So i am wondering if it is definitely the motherboard. It is an ASUS p8b75-v. Please let me know if any of you can help or this sounds familiar. I dont want to buy a new motherboard unless i know for sure.
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  1. try system restore and roll it back to a restore point just prior to when it did this ... that's how I did mine when it done the same thing and after that it was back to genuine and never had that issue again..
  2. if the gpu work good in the 2 pci-e slot then you have a mobo issue try if you could a older gpu in that slot .
  3. Tried restore point early on, didnt help. I know the graphics card works cause it works in the other slot. Power supply is fine, as is hard drive and ram, so its either the mobo or the Processor. Could a faulty processor cause one of the video card slots to not work? It has to be the motherboard, right?
  4. if she work in the 2 slot then your mobo need to be replace or rma .
  5. Try resetting the CMOS
  6. Tradesman1 said:
    Try resetting the CMOS

    tried that, didnt work. Updated bios, didnt work. It has to be the motherboard.
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    Unfortunately, sounds like it :(
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