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is intel hd 4000 better than geforce gt 635m?

i got better results in 3dmark when i disabled my dedicated geforce gt 635m 2gb gpu O_O
is it normal?
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  1. No, hd400 is integrated graphics, the 635 is a dedicated card. Synthetic benchmarks are weird.
  2. I know that it is not supposed to be better (,
    but 3dmark test showed otherwise.
    First i thought my 635m doesn't work at all and re-instaled drivers multiple times, but than using GPU-Z i learned that 635m does actually run.
  3. That link is completely useless as it doesn't give any frame rate results at all. Here is another mostly useless one as the 635m isn't include, though the 630m is. Going from this they should be mostly the same as the 630m sits at the same level as the HD3000.,3107-7.html
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    gt635 should be better but it really depends on the implementation! there are various versions with different specs
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M
    144 cores 709MHz, 128Bit GDDR5, e.g. MSI GX780
    144 cores 590MHz, 192Bit DDR3, e.g. Dell XPS 17, Alienware M14x
    144 cores 590MHz, 128Bit DDR3, e.g. Schenker XMG A501 / A701 (Clevo W150HRM / W170HN)
    96 cores 753MHz, 128Bit GDDR5, e.g. Lenovo Y570p / Y560p

    the marked one will have a lot worse performance and maybe hd 4000 be close to that. games results may differ from benchmarks though! run a gpu z to verify which one exactly do you have
  5. damn i run gpu z:
    shaders: 96
    memory type: ddr3 128bit
    gpu clock 660 mhz

    (lenovo g580)

    that's sad, i thought it should be way stronger than an integrated gpu with its 2gb memory, and with that shiny geforce name (when i bought the notebook)

    @4745454b thy for the link
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