Need Help Overclocking Phenom ii x4

I have my phenom ii x4 c2 at 3.8 ghz but it keeps crashing i can only get it very stable at 3.66 ghz
no matter what i dont (increase the vcore, nb core, or overclock without the multiplier) i cannot get it stable over 3.66ghz. any suggestions ?
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  1. what are your full system specs?

    if its stable at 3.66 then its stable at 3.66. leave it there
  3. m3a78-em, ati 6770 (plan on buying r9 270) 8gb kingston ddr2, phenom ii x4 @ 3.66ghz 2640mhz nb, EVGA 500w powersupply. Note my phenom ii x4 is the c2 version not c3
  4. The motherboard is older but it supported 140w cpu, so i put a custom heatsink on the vrms
  5. what is the number on the CPU? it is important. like this : AMD Phenom II X4 965 be @3.4 GHz
  6. the C2's needed a lot of voltage to get to a High OC. depending on the CPU you may have reached the max. We need to know the exact CPU
  7. Oh my bad lol phenom ii x4 965
  8. hey side question does your phenom ii x4 bottleneck the 7970?
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    a little but I am planning on an 8350 so...

    make sure you have an aftermarket cooler and watch your temps. 1.30 -1.50v is a safe voltage for the CPU anything over 1.55 will really hurt the CPU's life. run north bridge at around 1.2-1.25 only OC with the multiplier if possible because upping the reference clock will change the the clock of most other things.

    once you find your top OC with multiplier you can drop the multiplier and start raising the reference clock to see what you can get out of that before becoming unstable.
  10. well ive tried all of them and the max i can get is about 3.6ghz i will probably upgrade in the next 2 years. i dont understamd how the fx line of cpus out perform the phenom because the k10 architecture has a higher ipc than the newer fx, does the core count really make a difference?
  11. unksol said:,2366-8.html

    if its stable at 3.66 then its stable at 3.66. leave it there

    considering hte CPU is a 965 @3.4 stock then 260 MHz is a drop in the bucket for that CPU. many C2 rev 955's can hit 3.8 on or around the 1.48v mark. the 955's come stock at 3.2GHz.
  12. So i just received a "booty" one :(
  13. A better motherboard would help with the OC.

    there were a lot of changes to the FX series that helped it in the threaded app area. the FX 4100 was around the same performance as the 965be C3 so anything above this gives a huge boost in performance. Yes the core count helps because AMD runs 1 thread per core, the 8000 series have 8 core giving it the capability of handling 8 threads at the same time verse the 4 threads that the previous generation could handle. Phenom II that is.
  14. Ehh, i thought the fx8350 was actually 4 cores with 2 modules each/...
  15. what is weird is that it will go up to 3.6ghz on stock voltage and it wont crash but as soon as i get to 3.7 it crashes no matter the voltage i put it at... Do you have any other suggestions ? I would like to at least get it to a stable 3.8
  16. it could be the mother board can not handle the extra voltage. That mother board may be more of a dud than the CPU being a bad OCer. chances are that the VRM's are still getting to hot and crashing.

    Make sure you have a good aftermarket cooler. If the CPU gets to hot it can cause this also. A stock cooler is not good enough for the C2 rev CPU's to hit 3.8.

    the 8350 is an 8 core with 1 thread a piece. Intel is the ones that have the 4 cores with the 2 threads a piece.
  17. I have an after market cooler and the maz temps are about 52 degrees celcius but the heatsink is only designed for 125w, but i think you are right it is the motherboard, i think i need one with 8+2 phase vrms. i will probably upgrade the ram and motherboard keep the processor until it isnt good for gaming anymore. And the 8350 is 4 cores with 2 modules but not hyper-threading but it doesnt matter anyway Thanks For the Help! :)
  18. Copied and pasted from that thread:

    "The AMD FX-8350 has 4 modules with 2 cores in each module. Each 2 cores in the module will share resources. Yes, there are 8 cores in total, but they are not separate, and are not hyper-threading. This is a good cost saver for AMD.
    Intel quad-core CPUs will have 4 modules with a core in each module."

    It is an 8 Core CPU, they just need to share 2 MB of ram with the other core on the module. Each core is capable of doing it's own thing separate from the other core on the same module.

    this is excerpt of the link in the same thread:

    " Windows 8 and the W7 Patch
    After the release of the Zambezi FX processors, it was noted that loading unrelated threads on both cores of the same module could yield reduced performance compared to using a core from a different module for each thread. So instead of assigning tasks sequentially (0->1->2->3->4...) the Windows scheduler assigns unrelated tasks as if it were a processor made up of half as many cores first, then loads the second core of each module (0->2->4->6->1->3...). It essentially treats the CPU like an Intel CPU with Hyperthreading to eek out ~5% more performance in multithreaded tasks that only use up to half the CPU cores. This does not mean the 8350 is a quad-core, but this is why programs like Cinebench show the 8350 as a 4C/8T CPU."
  19. your temps are High. I run 56°c @ 4.073 GHz with a voltage of 1.41v an ambient temp of around 25°c stress testing. But keep in mind I have the C3 version with a stock TDP of 125W. you need a better cooler to help keep those cores cool to get a really good OC.

    I Idle around 29°c in the winter and 34-36°c in the summer, gaming I will hit 45°c in the winter and 52°c in the summer and when stress testing I get 54° winter and 64° summer. Your CPU is the 140W TDP version and need to cool it and OC it with this in mind. a better air cooler will help a lot also with the OC you will get. Your may want to think of the big 140 mm Phantek or Noctua dh14 CPU cooler for that CPU for cooling as they are the best right now for cooling. They can also be transferred to a new build in the future.
  20. What sort of cooler do you have on our processor as of now?
  21. And i know i was just stating that the fx 8350 is not a true 8 core processor, but to think of it there are not many out for gaming anyway. I think amd should improve upon the k10 architecture shrink the size and make a 8 core processor with tdp of 140w that would make for a killer processor on amd's side of things. You think so ?
  22. you think the Hyper 212 Evo would be able to keep the temps lower ?
  23. I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo on my chip but mine, like I mentioned before, is a 125W TDP CPU. the C3 rev. CPU's OC better and run much cooler. I honestly don't think the 212 Evo (rated for 125W) will be much good for your CPU because even at stock settings you put out more heat. That is why I mentioned the Phantek or the Noctua dh14 coolers. They have the cooling to handle more than the 140 TDP CPU's like you have.

    as for the 140W TDP I'm not sure you know what TDP stands for so here it is from Wiki : "The thermal design power (TDP), sometimes called thermal design point, refers to the maximum amount of heat generated by the CPU, which the cooling system in a computer is required to dissipate in typical operation."

    The FX series 8350 has a TDP of 125W which means it is easier to cool. the FX 9000 series (revamped 8000 series CPU's) has a TDP of 220W and needs to have water cooling. The lower TDP the better in this case. The FX series already has a better performance that the K10 series and most of them at the same 125W TDP. So IMO revisiting the K10 architecture would hurt them.
  24. UGhhh i dont want to spend 80$ on a Noctua dh14, i guess i will wait it out or if i see one on sale i might purchase it. last question you think my phenom ii x4 will bottleneck a r9 270 because i plan on buying one by the end of the month ?
  25. the R9 270 is around the performance of the HD 7850. you may but only when playing more CPU bound games.
  26. it is actually more close in performance to the 7870 that why i am worried my processor might bottleneck, hence is why i wanted to overclock :P
  27. I get some bottle necking with mine but that is mostly in CPU bound games. Besides those I see only a little difference in FPS with my CPU @close to 4.1 GHz.

    the biggest difference between yours and mine is the binning process and the C2 vs. the C3 revision. you should be fine just watch for the CPU bound games. the only one I have major issues with is Guild Wars 2 because that game is so CPU bound.

    EDIT: did find this it is a rebadged 7870 so i was off by 1 step.,1.html
  28. how does it hold up in bf4?
  29. Don't have BF4 so I can't tell you. BF4 is more GPU bound than CPU from my understanding but I could be wrong. I play Tomb Raider on max and Bioshock Infinite on max setting with a few drops close to 30.
  30. the only game i get high cpu usage is in hitman absolution it will hit 84% then go down to 77-69 and then well gta4 doesnt even count as a game because its the worlds shittiest port lol
  31. Well thanks for helping! its been an awesome chat!
  32. your welcome have fun.
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