Corsair Carbide 500r side panel window...?

right so hi tech experts....em planning on buying a Corsair 500r for my new pc build...i love every bit of the case except that ugly side panel what i was wondering is there anyway to mod the case and install a clear window instead of the fan?? if so, how? ....will it affect my component temps alot? ...ive seen some similar mods on google n someone had the side panel fan behind the HDD cages (almost on an angled fan mount?) facing their there even an angled fan mount in the case? also will it void my warranty?...i wanna be able to change between the window panel and side fan whenever i want so em guessing using glue is probably out of the question...also how obtrusive is the side fan to light anyways?....em planning on using led strip lights in my case so if i turned off the fan leds...with the side panel fan attached and laid down the led strips inside the case and turned them on...will i be able to see the insides of my pc through the side fan and mesh? ...cuz if i will be able to...then its pointless getting a window ryt?

...i noe, alot of questions there...but someone please help me out! thks :)
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  1. badboyrog2 said:

    hmm....k thks for the quick reply but tht side panel is expensive! almost bout £30! ...i'd be better getting something like the graphite 600t instead...but unfortunately i only hav a limited budget :( there no way to get an acrylic panel (is it 3mm i think?) n then sand that down to size? ....what are the exact dimensions of the side panel mesh area? (so that i'd noe wht size to cut the acrylic to) ...n also can u please answer my 'component temps' and the angled 200mm fan question please (i think the person was using a spare mobo standoff???)
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  3. badboyrog2 said:

    hmm k thnks :) ...those photos were helpful :) my component temps wont be overheating (thts a good thing!) ...but there will be an increase in temps ryt? much do i expect the increase to be? if its just 2-3 C...then thts not a problem...also would u happened to noe what the size of the side panel area is?...where the mesh is....also, do u think its even worth it?....form these photos the side 200mm fan is transparent, n its behind a mesh...soo...i obviously wont get a crystal clear view of the case's insides...but how will the view be?...can u post some more photos?...thnx :)
  4. like you said 2 or 3 celsius ...not more
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