gtx 770 SLI vs gtx 780 ti

This is my current setup:

Intel i7 4700k
16gb Ram
Gigabyte geforce gtx 770 2gb X2 SLI
250g SSD

My rig is mostly used for gaming. My question is, would it be better to have one Gtx 780 TI 3g, or would it be better to stick with my SLI gtx 770 2gb? Thanks!
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    If you're playing on a single 1080p monitor, then the 770's is enough.
    Anything else higher resolution, then you might want the 780ti.

    Also getting the single, stronger card allows for SLI of that in the future.
  2. Since you already have them I don't see a reason to dump them for a 780ti. The only reason I could see for getting rid of the 770's id if you are wanting to game at 4k or triple monitors.
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