To get a new GPU or to add an additional GTX 480

I'm upgrading my system on a budget, and would like input in relation to what solution I should go with in terms of GPU. I currently got a GTX 480, and thus I got two options:

a) Buy a new GPU
b) Buy another used GTX 480 and SLI them

What would give me the most bang for the buck? How is the longlivety on the GTX 480? Are they likely to "melt" in the near future (my card is 3 years old and I've noticed that this card runs very hot)? And in case you wondered, I've ordered a 850W PSU, so that isn't a problem.

Looking forward to read your answers! Have a nice day!
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  1. I would be all for SLIing a 600 series NV card, but not a 400 or even a 500 series. Perhaps a new card would be the better option for longevity.
  2. get a new one, older cards are less efficient, newer ones are usually better at that and runs cooler.
    a 580>480, and a 660 is at least at par (or beats) a 580, that's a third from the top (next to 670 680). and now we already have 700 series.

    that is jut my 2 cents of course
  3. As you already know the GTX 480 is one of the hottest Nvidia GPUs out there. Also it can use up to 275w alone. depednig on what games your trying to improve you can add a GTX 550 ti or 650 ti for physx....Other than that The GTX 770 is at a good price right now and Considering that Maxwell is going to be delayed Nvidia is going to have to Milk the GK110 and GK104 and other Kepler GPUs that are out right now. The GTX 780 has gone up in price since Last Fall after it went down about $150. Right now the Asus GTX 770 DCUII is only about 329.99 in the US and 379.99 i Canada and I don't know how much anywhere else.
  4. The best option is to pick up a new card in the 600 or 700 series, depending on the price and what you're looking for. If you SLi a 480 then you're maxed out and will end up looking for a new card in less then a year anyways. I've never seen the point to SLi just to give your PC more longevity, more to give you the best current graphics you can get with higher end cards.
  5. I did some more Research and came across this:,2585-14.html

    Does those "standards" shown in the link persist throughout newer generations of games, or will a game produced in 2014 not be able to benefit nearly as much from a 480 SLi as for instance Bad Company 2 (released in 2010) did in that test?

    Also, can I use as a template, and then add for instance 50% (lower than any of the scaling from the link above) to the gfx 480 score? Because if I do that, I end up with around 6700, which is actually better than the GTX 770.

    I might be completely off here, as this is a subject I've not dived into in the past, but this is at least what seems logical to me :)
  6. """"""Most unique, perhaps, is that the surface of the card is actually part of the heatsink, above the fin array. Normally, this would be a part of the card you could grab onto when pulling it out of a system. But when I burnt my hand on it, I thought a temperature reading would be interesting. Turns out that, during normal game play (running Crysis, not something like FurMark), the exposed metal exceeds 71 degrees C (or about 160 degrees F). This will have some ramifications for running two cards in SLI, but we’ll get into that shortly. """""

    If you can live with very power hungry hot cards then sure, go for it. For around $100 (think that is the price) it is not a bad option for the performance, but as Jake says, your at the top of your upgrade path then. Not sure how old that article was or how new titles would play for you though
    I would still go for a new card, but that is just me :)

    edit: even found a WC board on Ebay for $200 WOW
  7. Shameless bump. Would really like some more imput on this topic :)
  8. I would sell the 480 and get something like a 770/780. 2x 480s will run very hot and loud.
  9. Matzi said:
    Shameless bump. Would really like some more imput on this topic :)

    Start a new thread......
  10. I'd prefer to keep it all in one thread.

    Yeah, the heat might be an issue. I've ordered this cabinet and got water cooling for my CPU. Still think the heat will cause problems?
  11. Best answer
    Not problems as such, but they won't be quiet, even in that case (which is a very nice, quiet case).

    That said, if that doesn't bother you, then go for it, sli 480s still perform very well.
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