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Okay so my FPS has dropped massively in the past month. I used to have around 80-140 now im 1-20 fps at all times no matter how demanding the game. One Day it was fine the next it was not, What could be the problem; Nothing has changed and im not sure what it could be. Im not good at computers in any aspect.
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  1. What is your CPU and GPU temps at max load?
  2. tiny voices said:
    What is your CPU and GPU temps at max load?

    Like i said not really good with computers so i dont know how to get max load or do i just run something at highest settings? These were 60% for my CPU
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    YEah your CPU is overheating badly. Make sure the CPU cooler is correctly installed and tight. Also make sure the fan on the CPU cooler is spinning.
  4. Okay and how do i check the temp on my GPU? want to make sure its not a problem elsewhere as well
  5. It is not likely to be your GPU as if it was overheating it would probably just shut the computer off.

    Your CPU is the problem.
  6. Okay Thank you very much Definitely will get that checked out :D
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