display problems on my Sapphire r9 280x Toxic

So I have this black flickering issue and some weird display when I play 3d games on my Sapphire r9 280x Toxic on latest catalyst driver 14.4 whql. This flicker is not the usual full-screen flickering but in a small (colored black and sometimes multi-colored) block/square form about 1-1.5 inches in diameter that pops out randomly on the screen while gaming, appears then dissapears as if flashing continuously.

I have to note that this happens very randomly and unpredictably, may or may not occur at all. Also, when this happens I'll just usually change my resolution to any other from my current one then back again, and the flickering vanishes (but sometimes not, if the flickering covers a wide area like the horizon on AC4 while sailing, and I just fully restart the game then it will vanish. This occured only once though). Another thing also is, while sailing on AC4, mountains flashes in weird gold color, I tried changing resolutions but it didnt go I restarted the game and it vanishes, again this only happened once.

The games I tried are AC4:Black Flag, Elder Scrolls Online and Battlefield 4 all of which that back flickering one occurred aside from the special case on AC4. I have to note though that I haven't got any performance issues at runs very smoothly even though there's that very random display problem.

Is this a driver problem?? or is my card dying? its only a 3 months old video card

My rig setup:
i5 2320 @ 3.0ghz stock clock
ECS H61H2-A2 Black Deluxe
Sapphire r9 280x Toxic (runs on factory oc only) on Catalyst driver 14.4 WHQL
FSP Raider 650watts
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  1. Check your cable is connected 100%
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    i7Baby said:
    Check your cable is connected 100%

    yes my cable is connected properly via a DVI-VGA adapter. I have used this setup on my GTX680 and I havent got any problem with this adapter/cable
  3. So if the only difference is the new graphics card then I'd try that in another pc or just rma it.
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