Triple 1440 Monitor Setup.

So I currently have one 1440p monitor hooked up to the dual link DVI port on the back of my gpu. I recently ordered my 2nd 1440p monitor and I plan on plugging that in to the mini display port using an adapter. So my question would be where do I plug my third monitor into when I get the money to order it? The only ports left are the HDMI and regular DVI ports and neither of them have the bandwith to achieve 1440p. Would I have to buy a 2nd gtx 770 and use the mini display port or dual link DVI port on the 2nd card? Thanks in advance!
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  1. For one gaming and two browsing one 770 would be OK and use the hdmi or dp if your monitor also has them . for 3 gaming you'd need 2 780s for 3 x 1440p
    You'd need 4gb vram - the other dvi is dvi-d - no go.
  2. I dont really max out games and I was definitely planning on upgrading my GPU to run this kind of setup. My plan was to have all 3 1440p monitors hooked up to my 770 and just use it until I can get a better GPU. Is there such thing as an HDMI to display port adapter or something like that? Mainly looking to achieve 1440p on all 3 monitors without adding a 2nd GPU.(if thats even possible)
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    Both dvi ports are dual link dvi and support 1440p.
  4. They are? If thats true then you helped me out a lot! I will test it out tomorrow when I get off of work. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses I really appreciate it. I tested it out and in fact both DVI ports are dual link so I can hook up 3 1440p monitors to one GPU. Thanks again!
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