have 1gb of ati graphics 4gb ram core i7 but no chance of playing even old games like gta san andreas

I have a Hp dv6 laptop and it says it has 1GB of ati radeon premium graphics ....other specs include 4GB RAM and a core i7 processor but i cant even play a simple game like GTA San Andreas in it....!!..just plays good for about two minutes and then it just gets slow.......!!!....anyone know y.....or can i insert a seperate nvidia graphics card into the laptop....??
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  1. No the GPU is not upgradable, but it may be because it is getting hot, is it on carpet or on your lap, try playing with it on a solid surface such as a table and try putting bottle caps under each corner of the laptop to raise it up so it can "breathe"
  2. specific laptop model? there are many dv6 models. i have no way of knowing what internal gpu it has without you giving the specific model or by you saying what graphics card you have inside.

    are you trying to play while plugged in to the wall socket or on battery? (by default the GPU is turned off and it uses onboard graphics when in battery mode which gives crappy game performance)

    no you cannot insert a different graphcis card inside your laptop.

    as pat mentioned above... perhaps the laptop is getting hot. that would explain a slowdown (performance throttled by high temperature alarm). some models get hot when you have them on your lap and need to be on a flat surface for cooling. some even need to be up on a stand for optimal cooling. this would be my second idea if you have it plugged in and your performance settings correct.
  3. your laptop seems like its overheating. It plays good, until the laptop gets hot and the components throttle to prevent damage. All you need to do is clean inside your laptop, remove all the dust that's probably blocking your heatsink, and maybe apply new thermal paste.
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    If the laptop suddenly "gets slow" then it is quite likely that it is overheating. Try to clean out the machine and use a notebook cooler to keep it from throttling. When a laptop begins to overheat it will "throttle" or in other words slow down the components to prevent them overheating and becoming damaged.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Ahh I forgot, as said above be sure to be playing with the laptop plugged in, as well as doing what I said with the table and bottle caps. It may also be caked with dust and need cleaned out as oczdud said
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