Will HDD encryption slow down my rig?


I'm thinking of doing a FULL HDD encryption with TrueCrypt. The reasons aint needed to dig into.

Im running a piece of crap HDD, but it works for me. It's a 2,5'' WD Scorpio Blue SATA2 5400RPM, 320GB total capacity. And the thing is, that im playing BF4 pretty frequently, also other games. Will a full encryption decrease the gaming performance? If yes, in what way? I could live with if loading maps takes longer. But will there be any FPS drops and such?

Thanks in advance
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  1. You may take a performance hit of 10-25% I recommend picking up a 1TB Seagate Barracuda(About 50 dollars) and using that for your OS and games, and then putting the sensitive private information on your 320GB and encrypting that.
  2. Well, it's not just about sensitive files.. Its historic and cache, cookies and everything u can imagine I want to hide. That performance hit you're talking about, will that affect my gameplay? With lags and stuttering and such?

    About ur advice, neeh, im going to buy a SSD if I decide to buy a new HDD.
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    I understand the concern for privacy, but yes the performance hit would be across the board in games, programs, etc. If you did get an SSD the performance hit wouldn't be very noticeable as the performance of an SSD over an HDD is very high. If you do get an SSD I recommend the Samsung 840 EVO, it is serving me well.
  4. That SSD you mentioned seems to be a bit too fancy for me, hehe. Im not the best with money, so it will probably be a 64GB SSD or some cheap one. My plan is to ghost my current OS to the new eventually SSD and mainly BF4 on it, and then encrypt both drives. But then, my BF4 won't lag I think, beause of the SSD. Well, thank you for your replys
    That is a decent and cheap HDD, with the OS and BF4, things will be tight on a 64GB SSD, but should work. You may want to note that as an SSD approaches full capacity speed will slow down significantly
  6. And by "Slow down significantly" you mean like as a 7200RPM SATA HDD, or slow as a full SSD? :p
    Aslong as it's faster than my current one, i'm happy.

    Btw, does that include a regular HDD too? Like, if it's only 50/320GB left, will it slow down?
  7. Having 50GB left isn't too bad
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