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DVD Produced at Home-Did it Damage my DVD Player?

Last response: in Other Consumer Electronics
May 11, 2014 10:18:22 PM

I have a Sony DVD player (about $25 on sale) which has been used to watch
movies about a dozen times. My wife is making DVD copies of our family movies
from VCR tapes, on a Sony video-to-DVD machine, model VRD-MC6. Sometimes the
copied DVDs work on the DVD player, sometimes they don't, and when this happens,
the DVD player loads but does not start the disk.

Question: is there any information or rumors out there that home-made DVD disks
can damage video equipment? Now the DVD player only sends audio the the TV when
playing store-bought movies on DVD.

I used to put music on CDs for playing in the car. The CD players in our two cars stopped working.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Update: trying two different HDMI cables gave the same results: "unsupported signal" on the TV screen. I connected the RCA cables from the DVD player to the back of the TV and it plays OKAY.
We'll use it with those cables for now.

Best solution

May 12, 2014 9:08:32 AM

I am not aware of a disc damaging a player. If it is not compatible it just is rejected by the player or skips. Blank DVDs (they come in DVD- and DVD+ types) are not all created equal and can have compatibility issues with different players. Cleaning discs can sometimes damage CD and DVD players. I think your expectation that a $25 DVD would have any quality control at all is unrealistic. If you can't find a problem with the cables then hopefully you can get it replaced under warranty.
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