Upgrading my HP P6210y. Problems and processor question.

The stock motherboard in the P6210y is: M2N78-LA (Violet)

I'm wanting to upgrade as I am suffering with a few problems. Simply converting movies and putting them on my Zune causes a fan to 'spool' up and run rather loudly. CPU usage during this task is 50-56%. It's a more common occurrence during the summer.
I upgraded my graphics card the same day I purchased the computer, but was not informed I should have also upgraded my power supply. As the computer has never reboot or suffered from power issues, this went unnoticed until recently.

I know I must upgrade my power supply, but would also like to upgrade my processor. I think I can manage the power supply issue, so I was hoping for some processor advice. Does my machine need it? If so, what can I put into it?
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  1. Depending on what you are going to do, you shouldn't need an new one. If you do though, choose something like a Core i5
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    1. You have an OLD system with an AM2+ socket it seems. There's no CPU upgrade path so you'd need a new computer if you want to upgrade (don't unless you really need to).

    2. CPU FAN:
    You can get a compatible CPU cooler to reduce the noise.

    *You very likely use VOLTAGE control to adjust the CPU fan so be careful on the cooler. Most use a PWM fan now. I'm pretty certain THIS is the best one for you:

    The quick rule-of-thumb is if the PSU has the proper 6/8-pin connectors such as 2x6-pin. If so it should be fine. If you want better advice give your PSU and Graphics card models.

    4) VIDEO CONVERSION for Zune:
    Get the program HANDBRAKE and use that instead. You are only using HALF of your CPU power (I assume a crappy program with one thread support), and Handbrake can also do a better job in the same time so you should reduce the time by roughly 3x or more at the same quality level.

    You just need to find what the Zune supports:
    a) max resolution
    b) max bitrate (i.e. 2000Kbps)
    c) Video decoder (i.e. H.264)
    d) Audio decoder (i.e. AAC)
    e) Container format (i.e. MP4)

    The "Regular-Normal" option should work (H.264, AAC, MP4) provided the bitrate and resolution are within parameters.

    *Find a quality, short movie trailer or similar and experiment with the BITRATE etc to find the optimal size/quality ratio.

    Quick settings tips:
    - anamorphic (none)
    - resolution? (keep aspect ratio)
    - filters OFF
    (usually. DECOMB instead of deinterlacing for DVD, and Deblock if excessive block artifacts)
    - H.264
    - framerate same as source
    - VARIABLE (generally always)
    - avg bitrate (try 500kbps to start)
    - 2-pass encoding
    - optimize video (try "faster" to start)
    - AAC audio (128kbps stereo)
  3. Looking at the HP support page for your computer it looks like it is quite old and processor that would fit that motherboard haven't been manufactured for quite a while. Also the memory type is DDR2 and new systems use DDR3 so if you buy a new MB you would need to buy new memory aswell.

    That system is too old for upgrading. If your budget is tight I would hold onto it for now as it is and start saving for a complete new system, as you would need to buy most of the parts anyway (motherboard, CPU, memory and as you mentioned power supply would more than likely need a update aswell for new system).

    As for the noise the cooling fan on your cpu might have it bearings starting to fail and/or there is dust collected on the CPU heatsink and the fan needs to spin to higher speeds to keep the processor cool. Dust can be easily removed by using canned pressurised air meant for cleaning electronics (usually very cheap and should be found at most computer stores). Before blowing the dust off shutdown your computer and let it cooldown for a while (the pressurised air coming out of the can will be very cold). Never use a brush or vacuum cleaner or stuff like that remove dust from a computer or you might damage the system.
  4. Alright! Thanks for the help. I've been eyeing some nice machines on Newegg, so I guess it's time to save.

    Thanks all who posted for the help!
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