Best ssd under a hundred

Whats the fastest and best ssd under a 100USD:)
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  1. Someone Somewhere said:

    it's amazing isn't it. where were these prices when I was shopping?

    gotta add.......... OP you may only have 10 minutes to order at this price. might have been a one day sale......... ( my security won't let me open links )
  2. In fact, it's gone already. Damn.

    I'd probably go for a Crucial M500 128GB for $67.
  3. Gee - this turned out to be a harder task than I thought. Random bombshell pricing doesn't help us help the OP!
  4. one of Intels 180's is on sale with a promo code..... $109. might be an exclusive?
  5. There's a number of 240/256GB ones for ~$110.
  6. somebody has to pony up more money.
  7. lol i can afford to go at most 10-15 bucks higher
  8. Best answer
    I'd grab one of these.
  9. 265 dollars saved !!!!!!!!!
    Head explosion
  10. $265? Who wanted $370 for a 240GB SSD?
  11. those kingstons always run slower than almost anything else.
  12. However, basically all SSDs are at the point of 'fast enough'. It's hard to find a difference outside of synthetic benchmarks; storage is no longer a bottleneck.

    To get anything faster, you'd have to drop back to a 128GB drive to stay within budget. And size is far preferable to speed, IMHO.
  13. Someone Somewhere said:
    $265? Who wanted $370 for a 240GB SSD?

    ist Price: $370.00
    Price: $104.99 & FREE Shipping. Details
    You Save: $265.01 (72%)
  14. Are those kingston ones not the SSD's where the shipped them out for review with good bits inside, then swapped it out for cheaper crap for retail? So they really are hugely inferior to other SSD's?
  15. The list price tends to be utter crap; it was what it launched at.

    Ouch; you're right. I'd forgotten about that mess. I'd put them on a don't buy list for that...

    Another recommendation:
  16. uh-oh, best answer for worse product.........LOL
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