increase working memory (4x Swissbit) from 3GB to 4 GB by replacing the 2x 512 MB - what memory can I use

Increase working memory:

my son’s computer (Desktop Medion 32 Bit) has 3GB memory and I would like to increase that to 4 GB.

It has 2x sets of: 1x 1GB PC2-5300U-555 MEU12864D4BC1EP-3DR and 1x 512MB MEUO6464D4BJ1EP-3DR.

The memory is pretty expensive (in Germany at least) so I would like to know what kinds of memory can I replace the 2x 512MB with? Do I need exactly the same memory number as the 2x GB? Or what other numbers/types could I use?

I have no knowledge in this area and get confused by all this different numbers and details.

Computer system is Windows Vista 32x, so it loses some memory to Vista
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  1. You need to find the motherboard's website and the approved memory list
  2. the 4 will never be usable by the 32bit opsys. if you put 4 in it will make it something like 3.25gigs. not really cost effective.

    the ram......... if you can get the same exact ram buy it. same brand/speed/voltage/timings. or just buy 2 2gig sticks of the same stuff. ( speed/voltage/)....... or look up the specs on the motherboard and buy 2 2gig sticks of the fastest stuff the board supports.

    64bit operating systems are the way to go.
  3. I think the motherboard is: 06/20/2008 - Bearlake - 6A79OM4BC - 00

    But this does not tell me much - how do I use this to know which memory I can use?

    64bit: my son will have to manage with the 32bit for a while - if I could just increase the memory a little

    and (I think) the computer Medion MS 7502 (PC MT 7 MED MT 503)

    But if I understand swifty_morgan's answer right (not so easy for a dummy like me), if I increase to 4GB then I will only waste energy (have higher electric cost) with little or no gain - or have I understood wrong?
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    no, a 32bit operating system will not utilize all 4gigs of ram. you need a 64bit operating system to utilize 4 or more. don't waste money on what you have.
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