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Is it a smart choice to install only the OS(windows updates, drivers, other essential softwares like MS Office, Anti-virus) on the SSD card? while all other(games, multimedia) will reside on the HDD?

1. Will this setup make the OS and other essentials run faster?
2. Will this setup make games slower to load compared OS?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1. yes window and other utilities will boot much faster on SDD
    2. it will kind of slow but not that extreme slow load and its hard to tell how slow it will be so no worries :)
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    Booting off the SSC will definitely make a difference. Playing games off a regular HDD is ok, but if you have enough room, I would suggest installing your most played games on the SSD as well. I have 3 games, that I play on a regular basis, installed on an SSD. It does make a huge difference on load times, but I am guessing that depends on the game too. Guild Wars 2 makes map switching so much faster off an SSD.
  3. Please correct my understanding. examples.
    1. HDD can load a certain game in 1 minute.
    2. SDD can load that same game in how many minutes?
  4. on sdd it would be twice as fast but it also depends on which game
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