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I want to buy a new pc case but i dont know how to tell if they have a socket 775 to fit my motherboard.
I have looked on amazon but they dont say what motherboards they support.
How do I tell ?
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  1. If you can find one on can u put link up please,for around £30.00.
  2. Most cases take standard size motherboards eg ATX, mATX, EATX etc. Check what your motherboard is then check what your case can take.
  3. hi gazmister2004
    your post is a little confusing
    if you want a motherboard to suit lga775 search for that ,
    i think what you are refering to is the size of the motherboard that holds the lga775 cpu and that is called the motherboards form factor.
    lga 775 fits in quite a few different form factors , ita , micro atx , eatx etc
    find out what form factor your board is then you will know if a case supports that size/form factor motherboard
  4. do you have any info on what your motherboard is ? or what system it is in so we can see what form factor your 775 board is to determine which case to choose
  5. it looks like the form factor is a micro atx.
    does this mean if i get a case that takes micro atx all the screws holes on the motherboard will fit and match up.
  6. Best answer
    yes it most definately does
  7. Thanks guys this forum is amazing. Helped me so much.very very appreciated.
  8. you are most welcome , hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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