PC randomly shuts down (loses power) and restarts

System specs : MSI z87-g45 gaming motherboard
Intel core i5 4670k (Overclocked to 4.3Ghz)
TeamGroup Vulcan Red RAM 8gb (4x2) 1600mhz
ZOTAC GTX 780 OC edition
EVGA 750W fully modular PSU (80+ bronze)
CIT dominator gaming case (5 case fans)
Seagate 1tb HDD (SATA3 7200RPM)

I am currently experiencing an issue where my computer will randomly shutdown (like its been unplugged at the wall) and then restart immediately. All the fans and LED's turn off and then about 2 seconds later it all starts up again. I have noticed a slight trend where it will happen in the first 5-15 minutes of use, and once the event takes place it doesnt happen again all day.

I have turned off automatic restart in windows, but it still restarts anyway, and there is no dump file to be found either (which suggests that it loses power too quickly to write the file).

I have run memtest and disk check, both came up clean so i know the RAM and HDD are in working order.

Upon restart a black screen is in place with a motherboard message stating that "the previous overclock settings have failed and default settings have been loaded.

Press f1 to enter setup
Press f2 to load default values and reboot"

Can an overclock cause a computer to act in this way? i currently have the core voltage set to 1.285v and the ring voltage set to 1.09v

Im slightly worried that i may have a defective motherboard or PSU, could any suggest the cause of this random behaviour?

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  1. Well overclocking can cause all kinds of problems if it's not stable.

    You have a pretty good power supply there, however It does sound like a possible power supply problem. If you have a spare, the best thing would be try another power supply and see if you have the same result.

    The other option, is to set your motherboard back to factory defaults and test at stock speeds. If it doesn't crash then you need to look closely at your overclock settings.
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