What is a good gaming mouse pad?

I'm getting into pc gaming but I am missing one really important thing... a mouse pad! for so long i've been using just the wood of my desk and now i really want a bit of an upgrade. a side note is that i generally use a slow dpi and a low sensitivity so i need something on the bigger side... not a monster but something that i wont need to lift my mouse 3 times to do a 360 in game. also if atall possible i would like a pad from newegg, but if it isn't on there i have no gripe about it.
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    SteelSeries QCK/QCK+. it's cheap, reliable and everyone loves it. I highly and strongly suggest you buy one. There are also different sizes so you can decide which one suits you.
  2. Take one thin as possible.
  3. try bloody gaming mouse pad, its large size is great for my table. and it makes my mouse extra smooth.
  4. sorry forgot to add the model number B-070
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