Will a 500w PSU power a Asus 770 and an i5 4670k or FX 8350

The title says it all really

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Depends on the exact model of the PSU.
  2. I would not recommended it
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    Thomas Read said:

    As MalakiArtook said, you should get something stronger.

    This would be good for the FX 8350:

    This has Haswell support so this would be better for the i5-4670k (the first one would work too, but it doesn't have the Haswell power saving function):
  4. It would probably power it OK but does not leave much headroom. I would personally go with at least 600w. You don't specify any additional devices - DVD, HDD which all add to the load especially if you have a few you want to add. If you plan to overclock should also be considered.
  5. I only have 1 HDD 3 fans and a Fan controller, nothing drastic
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