If i have a 1500 watts power supply on my computer what UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) should i choose??

I want to buy a ups for a safety reason but i don't know which Ups should i buy?
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  1. Can your rig actually pull 1500W?? The PSU will only draw what it needs (plus lose a little to heat), so go off what your build will actually use at absolute max and add 25-35%.

    If your rig can actually approach that 1500W (I hope you're mining or something!?), then you'll need a UPS rated at 1500W + whatever is 'lost' to heat by the power supply, could be 20%. That puts you at 1800W easily.
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    Depends on what else is in the build.

    UPSs are not always necessary; all they protect against is data loss and corruption, which usually isn't a major issue. Worst case you have to reinstall windows. A good surge protector will do all that a UPS will against hardware loss.

    A UPS that can run 1.5kW of hardware isn't going to be cheap...
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