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I recently broke my aux/headphones stick in my computer, because a jackstick broke off in it. I have tried to take it out, but it was impossible with glue, and i don't want to send it to repair.

Luckily i had a jack to usb converter, from my old headset: the logitech g330, so i used that instead. Unfortunately the bass is a lot louder, when i use this USB thing.

I have tried it on my friends' computers, but the bass is not unusually loud on theirs'.
I use a Steelseries Siberia v2 together with the USB, and it is currently giving me headaches.

Please respond if you have any possible solutions!
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    by jack to usb converter are you referring to an external usb soundcard?

    number 4 on this photo

    does the logitech have any software? if so it may have an equalizer. i would suggest lowering the left side of the equalizer which should cut out the bass.

    if it doesnt, you can always get an equalizer program for windows and use that and do the same thing. this came up in a quick search but i'm not sure if that is the best one for you or not.
  2. Hi
    Your computer probably has Realtek HD audio manager,if you open up the sound manager and go to sound effects you will be able to press the graphic EQ button then if you drop the left three sliders it will cut the bass,just play about with them until it sounds right.
  3. Thanks for the answers, i googled equalizer programs, and found one for spotify, which is the main problem. Now i can hear songs with bass, but without getting a headache.
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