hey i am going to buy a new 4gb single chip ddr2 ram can you suggest me a fast ram for gaming usage

i am upgrading my pc as i am buying radeon r7 260x gpu so i am also buying a ram i want a good performance ram ddr2 and it shouldn't be expensive my budget is around rs3000 to rs3500 (yeah,yeah i am an indian so what?)
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    make sure your motherboard can support a 4gb stick first.maybe best to post your mb specs.ddr2,because of its age isnt going to be particularly cheap canada i paid $50 dollars for 1 2gb stick,and in looking at sites in your country it looks like a 2gb stick will cost you a little over 2000 rupees.4gb sticks seem to be a little hard to bet is to post mb specs ie how many ram slots,what is supported etc.cheers
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