New hard drive purchase worth it on my build due to suspected virus?

Hi there, I've had my new pc for about 1/2 months now but kept my same hard drive which I got 6 years ago; It's Seagate 500gb 7200rpm. However I have had many previous viruses on my last pc (which was on hard drive) however I reinstalled windows on new system so hopefully all viruses should be gone. with my new pc installed its been great, however over the last few weeks I have seen a performance decrease (not as fast as when I first used it) and also my pc running hotter and louder. I initially thought it may be a virus but I've scanned my computer (even in safe mode) and nothing shows up. I've bought an after market CPU cooler and also am going to get added fans just to be on the safe side but I'm wondering if my hard drive could be slowing my pc down due to it being infected or anything of that nature? could anybody tell me what could've caused my pc slowdown? also i was wondering if i would see an increase in hard drive performance if i bought a new hard drive such as a western digital caviar blue?
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  1. slow down occur in any PC...if you install many software for exmaple some of them load up on start up...if you really suspect a virus try running Malware byte anti-malware...if nothing is detected your good...suggest search for a good tune up utilities to speed up your pc...
  2. did you also scan that old drive or the back up you made also does the system have a auto back up software on it or from your virus software .
  3. Oh I've tried running through malware bytes and it hasn't shown up anything and also a few others, I was thinking it could be a rogue virus that could've been slowing it down but it's a doubt tbh and what tuneup would you recommend?? + yeah dude I've got a back up and everything setup, do you think I could have a sluggish drive??
  4. Oh I didn't have a backup for the virus but I had some data transferred over to my build so it wasn't a totally clean swipe of the drive
  5. if you could i would scan all hdd at start up and check the start up running process you may stop some unwanted on and delay some others .
  6. My startup time was very slow just a few days ago so it may be that and what do you run that with, the windows one?
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    then you need "SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner " here it's free....tune up and optimize your pc for unnecessary startup item and software.
  8. oh thats brilliant thanks man! i hope it works because my computer just seems to have become slower :-(
  9. ive just ran that software and optimised my hard drive and stuff and i think it may have helped a litte but its still running rather slow, what else do you recommend to do in order to speed it up?
  10. try to defrag your drive here also...try uninstall non essential startup processes....oh and a windows registry optimizer could also help....and after all optimization try to restart your pc and run it again to see if any left over junk.
  11. i will do that then :D and do you think purchasing a new hard drive would give me any more perfromance?
  12. btw i ran the slimcleaner and it worked a treat, i actually discovered there was a small little virus when i checked throughly through my programs and its not running slower anymore :D so thank you!
  13. depends on your motherboard...some motherboard only have 1 sata3 and the rest sata 2 or 1....even if you buy a new hard drive sata 3 connecting it to a secondary sata 2 or 1 wouldn't give you a boost in performance. suggest check your manual. on how many sata 3 your board have and buy a hard drive accordingly then install that drive to that port. and probably you will also migrate your OS to your new drive for faster performance too.
  14. yeah ive thought about running two drives sounds like a good idea and i will have a look at the specs but i think it has a lot of ports because its a very good mobo
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