USB stick replaced by a shortcut

I checked out my memory stick few minutes ago and it appears like a shortcut. When I'm trying to open it,it says something like "There was a problem starting_WSQICTE.nil The specified module could not be found".
The strange thing is that i opened the same stick last week at school,on a teacher's computer and it worked properly. I looked at other posts,tried the "attrib" option but i'm not sure if i'm using it correctly. Please i need help with this.That stick is really important.
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  1. did you shut the stick off and use the remove safely from the other computer the last time you use it .
  2. No,I didn't. I was in hurry...
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    this Easeus data recovery wizard free for windows it could work
  4. It worked for most of the informations on my stick. Thank you very much!
  5. your welcome next time do the safely remove process or you will loose data and need a new stick .
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