Games freeze for a few seconds then continue working

Ok so recently I've had problems where my games will freeze for a few seconds then continue working. I thought it was just lag in World of Tanks but I've had the same problem in many games. I played War Thunder for about 20mins yesterday without a problem. Then today I played for about 5 minutes when it froze, the sounds kept repeating and the picture was frozen, but then after a few seconds it unfroze but I was way off in another direction. In RFactor I was racing and this happened, but the audio, and the wheel vibrations were still working, I could tell I had slammed into another car, but the screen was frozen. My FPS in War Thunder was 60FPS on high then I tried Medium to see if it changed anything (Went up to 70 didn't change anything) My GPU Temps were at about 61 degrees celcius, and CPU was around 48. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Phenom II x4 965 @ 3.9ghz
2x4gb RAM
500W PSU
1TB WD Black
250GB WD (Media storage)
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  1. Link to a game I was playing in War Thunder, recorded the freeze which in this case lasted 4 seconds, and my ping skyrocketed after the freeze then dropped back to normal:
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