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I wish to add the correct driver for an HM87 Intel chipset to a cd bootable windows 7 package. Trouble is that when you update your motherboard for Intel chipsets it comes with all of them and selects the correct one. So I want to know the name of the driver selected. A lot of the driver names from this list don't appear to "map" to a specific chipset in that the drivers name doesn't always include the chipset as part of it.
Note that I DON'T want to know the chipset name but rather the name of the driver loaded for that chipset. eg the 965 chipset uses drivers called and 965g.inf. I need the driver name for the HM87 chipset. It "might" be Haswell.inf but I would like to know for sure.
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  1. There is only one correct chipset driver for any given make and model of motherboard (notwithstanding earlier versions of course).
    The normal procedure to get it is:

    Go to the motherboard maker's website if your PC is not factory-built.
    Enter or select your specific mobo model.
    Bring up the drivers page.
    Select your OS
    Download the Chipset driver.

    Procedure is similar for laptop or factory-built desktop, except you get the driver from the computer maker's website.

    Get the correct driver as explained above and you have the name of the driver - - so what's your problem?
  2. You obviously haven't had to install any Intel drivers lately.
    The problem is that when you do the above and download the chipset driver, and then unpack it, you find that Intel have included the drivers for about 50, or more, different chipsets within it.
    Although I could select all of them (and this would take about a 1/2 hour adding them to Winbuilder) you will get constant failures because the creation process rejects any and all wrong chipsets during the build process.
    You might ask why this is and the answer is that Intel are one of the laziest manfs around hence including all the drivers in a single package. And secondly Intel don't provide drivers for older boards that you might want to load with Win 7. And you can't even use Vista drivers because the install process checks for the OS and will reject Win 7.
    So I need to either find out the specific driver or how to find out within Windows which drivers it is actually loading for the chipset.
    I could try a different manf using a Haswell chipset but too many manfs now use a direct install straight to the motherboard with no way to see the name of the driver. I do have an extractor which allows me to see some contents (eg the package above with over 50 drivers in it) but this often doesn't work.
    I want to load the USB 3 driver (there is a specific driver for that but I think that I also need the chipset driver) so that my mouse and USB backup drive is visible from Shadowprotects recovery CD. I am using a Logitech wireles mouse which works in the BIOS and on all other motherboards so should work here. The laptop only has 4 x USB 3 ports so obviously I also need support within the Shadowprotect environment. Macrium Reflect works fine but I want to use SP.
    Basically USB 3 has been a fiasco from the beginning and I don't use it now unless I have to. It works okay for specific circumstances but you try and make the same stuff work over several platforms. Microsoft and Intel have not done their job very well on this. And I suspect that it will take something like Windows 8.9 before the situation improves much.

    So can you suggest anything else ?
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