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Hey there folks,

So, here's my issue: I built my own PC and then put my old HDD in it on top of the one I bought, just to use for storage essentially. So it's not the drive I'm using for Windows or anything like that. Well, now I'm going through all the files and trying to delete whatever I don't want from the drive, including Windows files and the like. I had had a password on the drive before, and if I'm recalling correctly, when I first plugged the drive in, I had to put the password in in order to transfer authority over to my current PC. However, I still am finding files here and there that say I need administrative privileges in order to delete/modify etc. The only issue is there seems to be no way to actually give myself permission to do so. I've managed to give myself permission for some files, but others don't seem to be able to. Any ideas on if there is any one thing I can do to give myself access to all of the files to be able to clean the drive without doing a full format? Thanks for any help I get!

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  1. download hiren's boot cd. It is free and is an iso file. Burn and boot to that. (mini xp option) Deleted what you want permissions will be ignored. Good luck.
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