Fraps Video FIles too big.

Whenever I record games, my video files are always around 5-10 gigs. But this one was 11. Which I think 5+gb video files are large. This is enormous. Why are the video files so large. Or is my internet bad. I upload files at 5mbps. How can I compress them into smaller files, because this 11 gig took me over 8 hours to upload. I have fraps settings at full size, at 60fps.I render the videos in videopad at 1080p, at 30fps. at full quality h.24 i think.
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  1. Double check the recording format. That does seem like a large file size. What is the duration of the clips? Are they long or short? Will you list the exact settings you use?
  2. You haven't mentioned the duration of the video. Duration is what tells whenever the file size is reasonable or not. As mentioned above it would be useful to know what encoding settings you are using.
  3. the videos go to 10-15 minutes @ 60fps, and 1080p. loop thingy is 30. Full size, full screen size. NO RGB.
  4. Yes that is normal size for Fraps. If you want to lower the file size then record at 30 fps. Otherwise use different capture software which records at lower file size. For example: Dxtory.
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