Conect 6 monitors ati radeon 6870.

Hi im from Romania i have asked manny suplayers and IT specialist in my country how to connect 6 monitors on my video card.

So i have a 6870 video card with :
2x dvi
1x hdmi
2x mini displayports (1.2)

I have tryed to conect the 3th monitor but with no succes , i understand that i need a display port adapter to connect the 3th monitor thats simple , but what do i need to connect 6 monitors to the video card.
I understand that i have these possible conections:
1 : The two dvi conectors for the two monitors and use the display port for the 3th monitor
2 : 1 Dvi and one Hdmi conector to two monitors and the display port for the 3th monitor.

How do i conect the 4th 5th and 6th monitor to the video card?

I know there is a MST hub wich i can connect to my mini display port wich splits in 3 ways, and that will make 5 monitors but what about the 6th monitor?

Thank you and sorry for my english.
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  1. As you have said, you can connect two monitors to the DVI and HDMI connectors.
    The remaining 4 monitors must be connected using display port.
    You can connect an MST HUB to one of the graphics card display port outputs and use the second display port output for the 6th monitor.
  2. Some one told me that if i want more then 4 monitors i need to use the DP exclusively.
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    You can use dp exclusively if you want, you will require two MST hubs for the two display port outputs.
    I believe though that you should be able to use two DVI or HDMI outputs and then four monitors on DP.
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