Can't decide between the intel and amd build!!!

Hello I recently started building a gaming pc
This was my first choice
Intel i5 4570 with msi h87-g43 and nvidia gtx760
But at the same price I am getting
Amd fx 8320 with msi 990fxa-gd65 and Radeon r9 280x

I really like intel-nvidia but amd is giving better value
Please help.

And also is 650 watt psu enough for these builds??
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  1. what is your budget
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    If your cpu budget is $125 or more, then Intel will be the better gamer.
    Under $125, amd has better value.

    Here is one older report to give you some idea:,3427-9.html

    As a second guideline, budget 2x the cpu cost for your graphics card; you will game better.
  3. I wouldn't use the $125 number. I would set it to an i5 or more, which is usualy around $170 at the lowest. For most games an i3 is great, but now that games are getting more threaded and tougher on the CPU (games like ARMA, BF4, etc) the i3 just isn't enough for large multiplayer anymore, and you'll see noticeable slow downs and frame drops, as even though an i3 runs 4 threads, it only has 2 physical cores.
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