1.8gbps memory clock

is this a good graphics card memory clock speed or is it bad ?
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  1. clock spped is measured by hz, usually Mhz
  2. Cons29 said:
    clock spped is measured by hz, usually Mhz

    so if it is measured in mhz why does it say gbps on the cards website ?
    thats the link to the card. but mine is the evga version
  3. Yeah, the 610 in on the lower end of the spectrum.
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    hmn, weird, anyway my mistake then (what i know is Gbps is bandwidth which is bus width x clock speed),

    anyway, yeah 1.8 is bad, that is a 610 which is the SLOWEST of the 600 series. i wouldn't buy that, if it was a 610 i'd rather stick with igpu then save up to get a better gpu. get at least a 650 or something
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