Drivers Problem In Sony Viao Laptop

How are you. I have Sony VAIO SVE1512B1EW laptop. I installed windows 7 in it and now i,m having difficulty to find drivers for it. After searching and wasting too much time i have found and installed video, audio, lan and usb drivers. the problem is that my laptop has 3 usb ports, one is working fine and other 2 are not working. I read the specification of my laptop and found out that it has 2 Ports USB 2.0 and 1 Port USB 3.0. So the port that uses 3.0 drivers is working fine but the ports that works with 2.0 are not working. I already has pent 2 days to search for usb 2.0 driver for my model and for windows 7 32bit but all in vain.

Can anyone help me in finding bluetooth and the USB 2.0 drivers for Sony VAIO SVE1512B1EW laptop windows 7 32bit.

Sorry for bearing my bad English and thanks in advance for your help.
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