Alternative to Shadowplay for 3 monitors (nVidia Surround)

Hey guys! Not sure if this is the right section at all but hopefully someone can help me out :) (I'll try to keep it short)
So as most of you know, nVidia has released a function to the GeForce Experience program called Shadowplay. It can do various things, but the one I'm interested in in particular is the one where it always records, but only saves when you want it to.

I loves this back when I played on 1 monitor because that's what it's designed for. I always had the timer set to 1 minute which was plenty of time to save the epic moments :D But I now have a triple monitor setup running in nVidia Surround. Shadowplay sadly doesn't work with nVidia Surround so I was wondering if anyone knows about a program which works the same as shadowplay.

I only want it to record the center monitor, not all of them. And obviously I'm looking for the "always record, but only save when you want it" function. I have various ways of recording non-stop.

Thanks a lot guys!

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    dxtory with lagareth lossless codec , cropped to 1920 x 1080 will record only the middle monitor.

    sadly it doesnt loop a 20 minute buffer like shadow play - only records manually.
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