Intel Server Board Loses half the Processors

I've been troubleshooting and repairing a lot of server towers that all have the Intel S5520HC server board installed and I've noticed that at least 8-10 have all lost half of the processors. We install 2 CPU's on the board and normally 24 processors show up in the device manager as well as the testing software I use but there's a lot of times where only 12 show up. If I remove the CPU from slot 2 then only six show up. At first I thought that there might have been an issue with jumpers but there's only 5 on the board and other builds have them in the same place without the error. I've tried all sorts of fixes including removing RAM and replacing CPU's but the only way to repair the server is to replace the mobo. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this with this particular board and if they know of the cause or any fix.
On every tower that has this issue we're running 6, 1GB SATA hard drives in a RAID stripe 0 or 6, 128 MB SSD drives in the same RAID mode. I'm wondering if the RAID or the drives could somehow be frying the boards or maybe something in BIOS is affecting it. If anyone knows anything about these boards I'd appreciate any info you can share. Thanks.
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  1. I suspect you've disabled HyperThreading somehow.
  2. Someone Somewhere said:
    I suspect you've disabled HyperThreading somehow.

    Hmm that's a possibility. Thanks. I don't design the builds I just build them and troubleshoot/repair the RMA's and I seem to be the only one who catches this but I'm also only working on builds that use this setup for the time being. The thing is though that I use a very specific "script" for the BIOS settings and I've gone through the setting on each build and didn't see any difference between what's on the board or what's on the settings script. But I will check it out later today.
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