Right-click/context menu appears automatically, computer will not sleep

Hey guys,

I've got a somewhat minor but strange, and annoying problem here. Randomly, the windows context (right click) menu will just open on its own. This could be while my comp is sitting idle on the desktop, or when I'm in the middle of typing this post.

At first I thought it was my mouse, but the issue occurs even when my mouse is unplugged. It's like there's something running which is causing it to happen. I only noticed it since installing a new monitor (HP 27BW). I uninstalled the HP software that came with it, but that didn't help. I did update some mobo drivers recently as well, but that was prior to getting the monitor and I didn't notice it until then.

My main concern, other than it being annoying, is that my computer won't go to screen saver/sleep mode because it's like there's something going on in the background causing this to happen. If I leave my comp idle I'll come back to see it sitting on the desktop with the context menu open, rather than having gone to the screen saver as it should have.

I keep this thing really clean and don't run any excess software at all. I've checked and minimized my startup programs, I really don't see anything that's running which could be causing it. I thought maybe it was a keyboard issue so I replaced the batteries in my (wireless) keyboard, but that didn't help. I haven't tried unplugging the keyboard to eliminate that entirely, so maybe I'll give that a shot next.

Has anyone heard of this, any suggestions?

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    Hello :hello:
    I too had this problem a few months ago. The actual problem was my keyboard. Keyboards too have a context key. There was a lot of dirt and dust inside of my keyboard. So the key would just remain pressed. Try with a different keyboard or clean the keyboard throughly for dust with pressurized air. Hope this helps.

    Best Regards.
  2. Thanks, that helped

    I turned off my keyboard to start with, just using the switch on it - didn't help.

    Unplugged keyboard from USB - that seems to have fixed it.
  3. Hey guys,

    I've got a somewhat minor but strange, and annoying problem here.

    Annoying is soooo true. Mine wouldn't leave. I tried every fix I could find in the forums and still keeps popping up. Self clicking. Starting programs. Annoying to the point of making my PC virtually unusable. My solution was to run a new mouse. Seems to be solid so far. Good luck.
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