best mid tower windowed game case 180$

Hello I'm looking for the best 180$ windowed mid tower case with leds and good air flow and cable management , so one which looks good and is a also very good performance wise.
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  1. I've personally used two Corsair 600Ts for two builds. You can add LEDs if you wish, the air flor is pretty good, great cable management.
  2. This case has effortless cable management, and unequaled airflow.

    Main drawbacks, odd shape that takes up a fairly large area, it only has spots for 2 HDD (4 or 5 SDD), and 2 5.25" drive bays.

    It didn't come with any LED, but you can easily add them yourself.

    I got this case and I can say that my system looks about as clean as possible with little effort.
  3. I personally like the cm storm series. The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced is very nice for a midi case. It's window will not show PSU cables and u have 7 spots for 120mm fans. It's only $110 I used to have that case until I upgraded to a storm Stryker
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