Suggestions for decent monitor to go with Sapphire AMD 7870

Hello folks,

Grateful for any suggestions for a monitor that will replace the trusty LG19 inch monitor that is 6 years old and starting to not really want to turn very often....

I've used the sticky list....

1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? UK

2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Casual gaming, photoshop, web videos

3. What resolution and screen size do you want? Not sure on res but minimum of 1080p and 22-24" size

4. What refresh rate do you want? minimum of 60hz

5. How much are you looking to spend? £100-150 unless someone can convince me I am wasting the GPU on this price range

6. Brands Preferred - none

7. Brands Not Preferred - none

8. Are You Buying More Than One Monitor? No

9. How Many Displays Can Your GPU Support Maximum? And what GPU and driver version are you using if applicable? Sapphire AMD 7870 2Gb on latest CCC drivers

10. What Port Do You Want To Connect To DVI or HDMI

11. Is This Monitor A Primary Display Or A Secondary Display? primary for photoshop/casual gaming, and secondary for movies

Thank you!
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  1. Best answer
    The ASUS VS239H would be an excellent choice near your price range.

    It's an IPS panel with a small bezel and accurate color reproduction.
  2. The ASUS VS239H or VG438H are both great monitors.
  3. Hi folks,

    Sorry took so long to reply - for some reason I did not get any notifications and thought I might check and there were responses waiting for me!

    Thanks very much - yes those two look good; hopefully with one of these I can do justice to my GPU!

  4. Enjoy!
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