I have a 32-Bit Windows 7 system that has three 2 TB hard drives in addtion to the 64GB SSD operating system drive. I tried t

Large Hard Drive Partitioning
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  1. What is your question?
  2. COLGeek said:
    What is your question?
    The question is: I have four SATA channels on my intel mother board, I have installed two 4TB hard drives in it and one partitions to the full 4TB but the other will only partition to 2 TB. Is there an operating system limit that is causing this? Is it due to the fact that it is a 32 bit system and there are hardware constraints?
  3. anonymous1 said:
    Have you tried to format them in disk management?
    Yes, I have tried to partition using the windows disk management and it allowed me to create a simple volume of 4TB from the first drive but the second it only allows a 2 TB volume.
  4. Arlene56y6 said:
    Try to format it and partition it manually? Or you prefer to use some partition tool to help you?
    I am not sure by what you meanby "manually" I tried using the windows disk management tool and it did not allow me to create 4TB partitions on both drives (the first one it allowed, the second it only allowed 2TB even though it is a 4TB drive)
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    See this Microsoft link for info:
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