Worried about my Samsung 840 EVO 120gb Speed

I m a bit worried For my SSD Speed, i think i got a bit worse score than others.Here are some Pictures of Bench. also there is a Bench which i did in Cmd by typing "winsat disk" command The sequential Read speed is very low ~260mb/s. i did 2-3 times test and never pass more than 270mb/s
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  1. Is the drive connected by SATA2 or SATA3?

    If I recall correctly 300mb/s is the theoretical max for SATA2 and actual max sequential speeds will be in the 270-285 range.
  2. It's Sata3
  3. The 120 GB has the lowest performance specs in the EVO linup, and the 1TB is the fastest. The EVOs range from one of the slower to one of the fastest SSDs on the market right now (click image to go to original article with more benchmarks).
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    It is running as your OS drive, having the main swap file and OS files on it might be bringing down the average on some results.

    Your AS SSD #'s give great sequential read/write speeds.
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