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I have a CPU assembled with 4gb Corsair Xms rom, 1GB GDDR5 R7-250 GC , an AMD Athlon II X2 270 proc on a Gigabyte GA 78-LMT-s2 .
I want to upgrade my proc to an AMD 3.5 GHz AM3+ FX 8320 8 Core Piledriver Processor. I have heard that my mobo might suffer from over heating and burn dmg if I fit in this processor . Is this true? If it is, then which would be a low budget(>100$) mobo to run the above hardware ^
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  1. That motherbd will not run the 8 core FX processors. You need a new motherbd or drop down to the fx 6300 series.
    If you are partial to Gigabyte board, you can pick up their socket am3+ 970 based boards for under $100
  2. Okey bro.... thanks
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    the 6300 can get higher core frequencies on the little voltage your motherboard can supply the CPU. it might be a better option. If you are diehard on a cooling solution you would need liquid cooling on top of the VRMs and NB and SB chips tbh (that's more expensive than the mobo/cpu upgrade though lol)
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