Need Cables for New Samsung 840 Pro

I got my new 840 Pro SSD in the mail today and it didn't come with a bracket or cables, so I need to find all 3 of those things. Luckily I already found a bracket at MicroCenter, I just need the pwoer cables and SATA III cables now. Can anyone give me suggestions from MicroCenter? Because I don't want to order it online and wait another week.
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    A sata cable that actually meets sata 1 specs will work just fine on sata3 (there isn't an updated spec for sata cables)

    As for power cables grab a molex to sata power adapter if you are sure your psu doesn't have them built on already.
  2. IDK anything about PSU's sorry, but mine doesn't have a 15 pin it has 4 pins
  3. Found everything including the adapter on Amazon and using my 2 day shipping, thanks everyone!
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