Difference between Gold and Silver PSU

What's the difference? Also the difference between 60hz and 120hz monitors? Also any beast headsets out there? Preferably not over 100 USD
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    Not that much. Really, just make sure that it's rated bronze or better and you should be good.

    Quick video about it.

    *Figured I'd add in that you could have a gold rated PSU that's not as well made as a plus, so really it's a mix of "rating", brand name, and looking for reviews that disassemble and test the PSU to insure that its parts are good quality. I'd take a bronze rated "SeaSonic" over a Gold rated "RaidMax" any day... (Is there such a thing as gold rated Raidmax?)

    Look at this chart ^

    Click the tab What is 80 Plus Certified.
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